Sonic was demoted to Assist Trophy Duty!

What’s This? Sonic has gone from playable character to Assist Trophy?

this is Madness!!!



Shad– um, Sonic’s the name, Speed’s my game!


Chaos Control!


Come on, step it up!


Sonic: Quit copying me, you fake Hedgehog!

I did notice a few minor mess ups (the shoes, nose and eyes all became

blue)… other than that, I think it came out good don’t you agree?

If anyone can revise him that would be great!

To download the Blue Blur Assist Trophy go here

Edit: I Revised the Sonic (Shadow) Assist Trophy and it looks much better!

Take a look!


Sonic Assist Revised version!

Get the Revised version instead! I’m gonna remove the first one anyway!

7 responses to “Sonic was demoted to Assist Trophy Duty!”

  1. Haha! Genius! XD It would be nice if you could fix the shoes, though. Do they use the same texture as Shadow’s fur or something or was it just a mistake?

  2. wwwilliam0024 Avatar


    id rather sonic as an assist trophy than a character.

    *gets attacked by sonicfags*

    *beats them quickly*

    NO SWEAT! :3

  3. wow, they need to find out how to edit models

  4. for now one im going to use AJ12AY instead of jayjay

  5. Gose Jallardo Avatar

    ahahaa nice! looks really cool

  6. WOAH! I think sonic looks pretty pissed at the fact it took him so long to get in the game and now? he is an assist trophy

  7. u got the color of the shoes backwards but its still nice

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