Possible PSA Exploit? But its Very Tedious…

I sent this message to Phantom Wings a while ago. You probably heard me blabber on KC:MM forums about it, but never really said what it was (catgowoof actually figured it out =] ).  Note, long post ahead. If you like to read, then this is for you. And if you don’t, well you might actually find it interesting anyway. The Command Prompt briefly summarizes the article… if you understand l337.


Hello Phantom,

I’d like to start off by thanking you for all you have done so far within the Wii Hacking community. I believe I speak for everyone when I say you truly are the leader of the Brawl Hacking Jedi.

All fancy talk aside, I believe I may have found a way to add custom sound effects in Brawl through the use of the PSA and the File Patcher. By Custom Sound Effects, I mean your very own sound files, like you can even add your voice and stuff. However, it involves the use of an ISO, which many can’t or don’t want to get a hold of. That is were YOU come in.

After getting accommodated with the PSA, which I found fairly easy to use, I found out that you can replace SFX with actual stage music. For example:

00002800 = Rainbow Cruise

So I replaced Sonic’s taunt SFX with 00002800, and I discovered the Rainbow Cruise Song playing. And then wham! I realized a way to add custom sound effects! In order to replace moveset SFX with custom ones, make a Sound Effect Brstm through the original method of making custom music for Brawl stages, except this time it will contain a custom SFX instead of music, get it? The Brstm must be preferably no less than 5 seconds so it won’t cause problems (can add empty space to the Brstm to make it longer). Replace the Brstm on any stage music on an ISO through WiiScrubber. Lets pretend we replaced Rainbow Cruise music with a Brstm file that said “Phantom Rules! Yeah!”. Now load the modified ISO via burned CD or USB Loader and check the music for Final Destination. It will say “Phantom Rules, Yeah!”. Ok, now in the PSA, lets change Mario’s AppealHiR (taunt up) SFX value with 00002800 [the rainbow cruise’s music value]. Send the FitMario.Pac to the SD Card, load up the modified Mario, Taunt-Up, and you Will hear “Phantom Rules! Yeah!”

Pretty clever, eh? However, there is one major drawback. Custom Sound Effects can only be done via ISO method because if the ISO has, let’s say, the original Rainbow Cruise music, and the SD Card is set-up to replace Rainbow Cruise music with the “Phantom Rules!” Brstm, the SD will load either load both the Music and taunt, or will load a screwy-fast forwarded music. This I’m sure is cause by the File Patcher’s way of conducting replacements in a manner that was never intended to. So I was wondering if you would like to look into this, and possibly update the File Patcher Code so it won’t interfere the way it does if one tried to load custom SFX via SD Method.

I tried it and it works. I made a “Chaos Control!” Brstm from the Shadow the Hedgehog game, and set my CC Shadow (my custom moveset + Marvin Texture), and made him say “Chaos Control!” via Up-Taunt as a test. So yeah, its a cool exploit thingy, but a couple of things to consider:

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

  • Only able to do custom SFX via ISO method
  • Stage Music is Permanently changed via ISO method until you switch back your music
  • In order to properly set up an SFX replacement through PSA, one must use the Sound Effect Command of 0A020100. Otherwise, using one of the other 2 Sound Effect Commands will loop the custom SFX until you end the match.
  • The custom SFX Brstm sounds a bit low, so its best if you make it have a higher pitch/volume when you are creating the Brstm.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

So what do ya think? Kinda of a tedious way of making a few custom SFX, but better some than none. If I didn’t make myself clear, please let me know, as I am writing this late at night, and am a bit excited about it.

Phantom Wings did respond, but since it was a Private response, I’d rather not post it here without his consent. Although he did mention it was a good improvisation until he updates the File Patcher code, for use with the  exploit, and that if he finds a way to properly decompress the Sound File, then maybe he could add a newly discovered “Routine” to the Patcher, allowing for legit custom SFX without the need to replace the music.

21 responses to “Possible PSA Exploit? But its Very Tedious…”

  1. great discovery!
    thanks for making me bookmark your site lol

  2. This is great news! Nice find. Just models to go until we can actually have FULLY custom characters!

  3. hey Jose, wouldn’t it be easier to use victory themes instead? because they don’t have loop flags and are short anyway (and wouldnt sound bad as a taunt/victory theme anyway)

  4. Wow jose great find, hopefully we will find a way to create custom SFX without the use of replacing BRSTMs. Boy I wish i knew how to hack like you guys <.<

  5. You just noticed this?

  6. @Milk,

    You did notice I said in the beginning of the post that I sent this to Phantom “a while ago”. That is in fact quite a long time from today. He responded about 2 days ago, however, so now I’m posting about it.

  7. OMG Soon Roy just soon >.>

  8. Hmm… I wonder when/if you’ll find the actual voice clips… Ryan Drummond’s Sonic may get into Brawl yet! :3

  9. So I guessed right? :p
    It was pretty much a random guess lol.
    Anyways hope we see this progress.

  10. well there only one thing left when we can add our own voice in brawl to do, I FIRRING MAH LAZER sound effect for lucario final smash :D.

  11. I’m pretty sure people are going to replace “Falcon Punch!” with “Release the Bogus!”

  12. @Stickman,

    That was the first thing I did. Replace the music with a custom SFX out of a victory theme, but somehow it didn’t work. Maybe it was because the Brstm was way too short (i think it was like 3 seconds). So i went for a slightly longer Music File instead. I would assume it would still loop, however, if using victory taunts because that is how the PSA executes the command (if not using the one mentioned in the message).

  13. @Jose Gallado

    Ah. I didnt read that part. =P

  14. There may be another way.

    I found a forum that said that the voices are stored in a BSRAR file. Here is a link.


  15. @ Stevoisiak
    yeah, and so are all the sound effects, but at the moment, you cant replace the files in it, only extract. and the only use for that is getting the .wav file for captain falcons “YES”

  16. And I thought it couldn’t get any better than PSA, but once again the Smash Hacking Community has proven me wrong once again…

  17. @Jose
    (sorry didn’t see your comment)
    That seems kinda odd. If you have the same file in rainbow cruise and a victory theme, it will work in the stage sound, but not in the victory sound?
    have you tried looping a victory theme to try and get it to work? i think it’s very weird how it wont load that, but it will load a stage song

  18. Just as a question, back in one of your older posts (the phanto mask one i think) it had a video demonstrating the new Smash ball texture, before the actual brawl started though, the announce said something different than usual (i think he yelled battle royal) and since PSA only edits character pacs (and it was before PSA) im just curious how you managed to do that.

  19. NerdWithAnAfro, that’s the japanese sound he used. I forgot how it’s called but you can just swap the two files, from a Japanese ISO to an American one.

    Anyway, I saw this when you posted it but didn’t comment. Very interesting indeed. How did you get the Rainbow Cruise ID? I’d like to get the other ones.

  20. This sounds good,[for its been 5 months]if this update is already out,I want to make some voice taunts for my up-and-coming Zero model [not Code Geass] and my Blade model.But the problem is…I would probably have to buy a microphone for my computer or maybe even just use my new MP3/MP4 player.

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