Better Than Nut’n

I am still running a few more tests, but expect nothing more.

– Jose Gallardo –

9 responses to “Better Than Nut’n”

  1. So…. purple?

    That’s the best we can hope for?

  2. cool lookin sword

  3. red will look so bad ass. ^.^

  4. So you swapped the master sword model with beam sword right?

  5. Hmmm? Samuel L. Jackson lightsaber? XD

  6. Nice beam sword Jose Gallardo. I wonder if you can make a black beam sword because that will be awesome.

  7. guys it’s the bat swapped with the beam sword and then colored purple

  8. Hey Jose! Nice work! Do you have a download of that? I’m looking to change the beamsword’s color also. Specifically I’m trying to make it green or red, but failing that, purple would still be better than blue for my purposes.

  9. This terrible double post is brought to you by “I forgot to check ‘notify me of follow-up comments via email’”.

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