Goodbye Wadder

Its been a nice run, but the acclaimed Wadder Forums are scheduled to shut-down sometime later today, or so its been mentioned by a mod. I truly wish this was just another prank from their previous “Hack Attack”, but oh well. If you’ve ever been to Wadder and used their custom Wii Themes and Channels, this is your final chance to go there and give out thanks to all who made Wadder possible. Goodbye Wadder. You will be missed.

~Jose G.

Edit: Wadder is Now Gone

Project WadderForumsV2 (unofficial):

4 responses to “Goodbye Wadder”

  1. Oh wow o_o I’ve used wadder for a few channels, it’s been awhile since I’ve visited but I’m surprised they’re shutting down. It’s a shame =(

  2. Wadder… i will miss you… all the wads i downloaded from there… they were the best wads… Good Bye Wadder….

  3. this is a random question, but im just wondering if u will post when REGGIE for NSMB Wii comes out

  4. @AJ12AH

    Yes, I will. Its one of my priorities.

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