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Goodbye Wadder

Its been a nice run, but the acclaimed Wadder Forums are scheduled to shut-down sometime later today, or so its been mentioned by a mod. I truly wish this was just another prank from their previous “Hack Attack”, but oh well. If you’ve ever been to Wadder and used their custom Wii Themes and Channels, this is your final chance to go there and give out thanks to all who made Wadder possible. Goodbye Wadder. You will be missed.

~Jose G.

Edit: Wadder is Now Gone

Project WadderForumsV2 (unofficial):

Smashing! Channel Forwarder

I’ll just copy and paste what I wrote in the Youtube video description:

Here is another custom Wii channel I made; a request by someone on Wadder Forums who goes by “murdaz”. This channel was created using 2 legal base wads made by CountZero (1 for banner, and 1 for Icon). The video rendering causes the icon to look pixelated, but it really isn’t. Its just something that Sony Vegas sharpened for some reason.

In Brief: A custom channel forwarder for Smashing! homebrew game. The channel itself does not contain the game.

All forms of hacking involve some risk of accidental brick. Make sure you have some sort of Brick protection before installation. NintendoBros will not be held responsible for any accidents!

What exactly is a forwarder? Its basically a channel which when launched, leads to a specified boot.dol file in your SD card. In this case, the boot.dol of your smashing folder (the smashing! game app). The channel itself does not contain any app, so launch will fail and reboot the system if the smashing directory is not found on your SD card.