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Goodbye Wadder

Its been a nice run, but the acclaimed Wadder Forums are scheduled to shut-down sometime later today, or so its been mentioned by a mod. I truly wish this was just another prank from their previous “Hack Attack”, but oh well. If you’ve ever been to Wadder and used their custom Wii Themes and Channels, this is your final chance to go there and give out thanks to all who made Wadder possible. Goodbye Wadder. You will be missed.

~Jose G.

Edit: Wadder is Now Gone

Project WadderForumsV2 (unofficial):

NBoards Will Be Shut Down

Due to inactivity, Nboards will be officially shut down this week (no time span in mind). But that doesn’t mean the end of the NB Community. I patrol various forums, and only one has made me feel right at home.

This community has earned my respect, as it is filled with members who truly appreciate the gaming world, and handle arguments in a very mature manner. It is also a home for many hackers of various systems. So once Nboards shuts down, you can find me there as Jose_Gallardo. I will place a link to these boards once Nboards closes. Its not necessary, but if you are a new member to GSCentral and are signing up for the first time, it would be nice to add Jose_Gallardo as the referrer. I would like to know how many people I’ve driven to join this awesome community. Until then!

Nboards Successor

Our previous version (which is also the current one for the moment) of Nintendo Bros message boards has proven to be obsolete both in style and maintenance. I am now working on a brand new version of Nboards for all your discussion needs. Do not click on the message board link located on the main nav-bar under the header, as it will take you to the old boards. Get started on the new forums by clicking here. The link to the new forums will be placed on the main nav-bar in the future, so stay tuned for more info.

Nboards Technical Issue

It seems our forum host is having some issues with their servers. I can’t really say how long the boards will be unavailable, but if this keeps up, I will be forced to change our forum service. Stay tuned for updates on this!

Nintendo Bros Message Boards

You may have noticed a recent addition to our page catalog. Nintendo Bros now has message boards, also known as Forums. However, the style is more “message” than forum posting, hence the name Nboards. It may take a little getting used to, but as you participate every now and then, you may notice its much simpler to leave and read comments and posts. Its all here for everyone to enjoy, so go ahead and start posting!