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Character TXS – Shadow Link

slinkI was working on Item textures, but I got bored after a while. I like to switch things around often. One minute you’ll see me making custom BRSTM music files, then the next you’ll find me making textures for characters; updating the site, etc. I can’t be doing just one thing over and over. I’ve got quite a few new things to post, but I didn’t want to make it another Stage TXS, or yet another item texture. So I started (and finished) a character TXS. This time, presenting the real Shadow Link. Forget Dark Link, Shadow is even more ruthless. I may add a few more touches later in the future, but I am happy the way it looks for now. And as usual with edited Emerald Textures, the TXS look way better during gameplay.

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TXS Stage Update – True Twilight

Stage TXS By: Jose Gallardo
Red Portal

Remember the very first Twilight Princess Trailers? You know, the ones that were completely “cell-shaded”, and featured a world that was pretty much black and white. Well, that is what inspired me to make this stage. The game makes the stage turn an odd red aura when zoomed out, so I couldn’t make it any more dark-themed.  I can’t help thinking I went overboard with the design, but its still beautiful. Alas, this stage has one more surprise, and I’m not talking about the new Red Portal either.

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Nboards Successor

Our previous version (which is also the current one for the moment) of Nintendo Bros message boards has proven to be obsolete both in style and maintenance. I am now working on a brand new version of Nboards for all your discussion needs. Do not click on the message board link located on the main nav-bar under the header, as it will take you to the old boards. Get started on the new forums by clicking here. The link to the new forums will be placed on the main nav-bar in the future, so stay tuned for more info.