Character TXS – Shadow Link

slinkI was working on Item textures, but I got bored after a while. I like to switch things around often. One minute you’ll see me making custom BRSTM music files, then the next you’ll find me making textures for characters; updating the site, etc. I can’t be doing just one thing over and over. I’ve got quite a few new things to post, but I didn’t want to make it another Stage TXS, or yet another item texture. So I started (and finished) a character TXS. This time, presenting the real Shadow Link. Forget Dark Link, Shadow is even more ruthless. I may add a few more touches later in the future, but I am happy the way it looks for now. And as usual with edited Emerald Textures, the TXS look way better during gameplay.

Sorry, no Captions today. Its kinda late, and it is Mother’s day today as well, so gotta get ready for that big hearty surprise. Nobody say a word about the expensive gift I’m planning on giving her…

Wish you all a happy Mother’s day. Spend the day with your Mommies!! It will make them feel very special. Trust me.

DOWNLOAD LINK (megaupload): Download Link. Get it? Link, download? Meh…

6 responses to “Character TXS – Shadow Link”

  1. @ Jose
    oh way too cool. finally someone makes a OOT Dark Link! OH MY GOD I jsut got the best idea ever. Can you make green greens DARK LINKS ARENA from the Water Temple???

  2. I only have one question.How do you get the hack without putting in a password?????

  3. MetalKnuckles509 Avatar

    If only he could stand on Link’s sword and attack him.

  4. were do you put the download ?

  5. since megaupload got seized could u post these elsewhere??

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