TXS Stage Update – True Twilight

Stage TXS By: Jose Gallardo
Red Portal

Remember the very first Twilight Princess Trailers? You know, the ones that were completely “cell-shaded”, and featured a world that was pretty much black and white. Well, that is what inspired me to make this stage. The game makes the stage turn an odd red aura when zoomed out, so I couldn’t make it any more dark-themed.  I can’t help thinking I went overboard with the design, but its still beautiful. Alas, this stage has one more surprise, and I’m not talking about the new Red Portal either.

I must say this was the most time-consuming Stage TXS I’ve done so far. I tried fixing every little detail as best as I could.  I tested the Stage loads of times with different patterns, and was finally happy with this. I was actually going for the Black and White version of TP, but since the darn Red/Orange glow wouldn’t let me, I came up with True Twilight.

DOWNLOAD LINK (megaupload): Get to the Twilight Zone Here!

5 responses to “TXS Stage Update – True Twilight”

  1. Secretchaos1 Avatar

    Looks truly amazing, and I love the inclusion of the moon XD.

  2. WOW!!!!!

  3. Absolutely amazing! I wish I could make textures this good, the only two stages I’ve made so far are Fire Field out of Big Blue and the crash site from Metroid Prime out of Frigate Orpheon, and I haven’t even gotten a chance to test them yet, but this is just incredible! Great work.

  4. Wow… that’s impressive. Nice job! My Samus may go nicely in there.. lol

  5. my twilight mario, luigi, and link might too

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