Reggie! NSMBWii Level Editor Released! Submit Your Levels Now!

Click Here for Reggie! Level Editor

What bad freakin’ timing >:/ I’ll be out of internet for at least a 2 weeks starting tomorrow, and I don’t have my Wii set up, because I am moving and have everything packed up.

Click Here for Riivolution

And the revolutionary on-the-fly File Patcher has also been released. This will facilitate replacing textures and other files on New Super Mario Bros Wii and other games. Again, bad timing. I would definitely love to release my current NSMBWii textures, but I can’t until I finish moving.


I R Angry
Jose G.

Original Source

Want to Submit custom NSMBWii levels to NintendoBros? Well, you can! Simply submit  a download link to the [NSMBWii Hacks] page (as a comment, of course) and I’ll add it to the Guest Roster (coming soon). And I’ll also do my best to make a Youtube video of it as soon as I get my hands on your custom level. Its the best way to get your Levels noticed! All that I require when you submit your Level is the following:

  • Your Name (nicknames are fine)
  • How Big is the stage
  • Name of the Stage

And that’s it! Have fun creating custom levels! And remember, the best way to get your Levels noticed is through the awesome NintendoBros!

17 responses to “Reggie! NSMBWii Level Editor Released! Submit Your Levels Now!”

  1. YESZZZZZ!!FINALLY!!!!YEZZZZZZZZZ!!!! *head explodes because of extremely high emotion*

  2. sorry for double post but i dont have NSMBW, can you test stages for me Jose? if i can ill do a stage per week.

  3. @Thunder

    Yes, I can definitely test them. And even make videos of them. Once I settle in my new house, I’ll even have a better Capture Card (i hope) and will be making more videos than ever.

  4. @ Jose

    Thats Awesome!! and trying to use REGGIE, i try to open the 01-01.arc file, REGGIE give me an error

  5. nevermind, i fixed it, thanks

  6. W00T!!! My bro does SMW hacking all the time and he’s gonna love this. He’s mostly into level design and I’m sure this’ll make his day =3

  7. Uh-oh, expect a certain Nodxalt to get his greedy little hands on this and make some schtuff. This may just require a change of the trousers.

  8. Hey where do the files fore Mario and Luigi on my sd card for this?

  9. This sounds awesome! Once I finish getting the game’s ISO off of my disc, I’ll be sure to give it a try.

  10. Wait, if I have a version on USB loader, is there An easier way without having to re put the iso on the USB every time u have to add a level? Or will I just have to put up with it?

  11. use riivolution

  12. Sucks you have to burn the disk.I have disks,but have a softmoded wii,and don’t use USB loader. 😦

  13. idk how to burn them. i only have a softmodded wii…… Am i just really out of date?

  14. please help anybody jose my wii is fully bricked nothing turns on help !!!!!!!


  16. Jose I don’t have NSMBWII, but I had some stage ideas for though, one is the ultimate battle, mario will start facing off one koopaling, then go into another room to fight another, then another, until all the koopalings are defeated. the second is mini test where you put your mini mushroom skills to the test, what o you think, the second one can be any stage, the first one has to be in a castle.

  17. This reminds me of the Level editor (Lunar Magic) for Super Mario World… I don’t have NSMBWii yet, but I’ll try it out when I get the game.

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