NSMBWii Hacks – Remake of SMB3 1-1

Here is a video. Need I say more? Well, there is more, but you can read the Youtube video description.

5 responses to “NSMBWii Hacks – Remake of SMB3 1-1”

  1. Wow… that’s amazing! I didn’t know that Reggie was that versatile…

    if only there was a way to clear the level by getting a mushroom, flower, or star panel…

  2. Do you think you could make a tutorial on tile set hacking?

  3. Piggy, I think I might actually end up making one soon. Gimmie some time with the TileSet editor, and I think I can get one up on youtube. ‘HomebrewHelp’ is my account. And Jose, great work. This is actually much more accurate, especially the hills in the background. And gotta dig the Brawl Mario and Luigi sprites. Epic work, my friend.

  4. @nodxalt

    If you make a Wart tutorial, I’ll be glad to help you out with any questions you may have. I think I know all of the stuff to make a working tileset. There are just some options in the app I have never used, and probably never will, but aren’t essential to making a tileset work.

  5. i just had a great idea for a stage on nsmbwii you could make. I am useless which is why im asking you. It would be like a hall of mirriors. you would go through a door to get on the other side of the mirror. and you would be able to see the other side because it would be one block to the bottom right, but in that bright colored grass peices. answer back soon cos i really like this idea and no its possinle, bnut i am useless at regie. and jose, could you make an invisible tile that is a jumpthrough ramp

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