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Break’s Over!

You may have noticed Nintendo Bros took a rather lengthy vacation (1 week to be exact). After all, it was my Birthday we were celebrating! But back to reality, I am all set to give out daily Nintendo gossip, whether it be Real-Time news or just plain ‘ol overviews of Nintendo paradise. Remember, if there is anything you would like us to talk about, make sure you start a topic on our message boards. We look forward to what our readers have to say!

What Would You Like To See In Nintendo Bros?

More news? Cheats? Walkthroughs? Here’s a chance to shape the future of Nintendo Bros! Tell us what you would like to see in upcoming NB posts. Anything in particular that you wish Nintendo Bros should feature? Let us know by dropping a comment or two. Maybe you would like to see a couple of giveaways? Or maybe you want to see what happens behind the scenes at Nintendo Bros. Whatever the case is, you can expect many of these requests to be fulfilled. Help us do our best with up-to-date trends and obsessions.

Also, Nintendo Bros comics are just around the corner, so if you have any ideas, don’t hesitate to add some on your comments!