Double-Stage Update! Enchanted Destination & Dark-Themed Picto

Custom Stage TXS by: Jose Gallardo

The beautiful Enchanted Destination is here! And it brought a friend too!You’ve probably seen my video for the Enchanted Destination Stage TXS, but here are a couple of Snaps anyway.

Not much to read here, so get Brawling!

DOWNLOAD LINK (megaupload): >>Enchanted Destination<<

DOWNLOAD LINK (megaupload): >>Dark-Themed Picto<<

7 responses to “Double-Stage Update! Enchanted Destination & Dark-Themed Picto”

  1. Nice stages. My favorite of yours is Pictochat. I tried to make my Pictochat a “Twitter” themed stage, so I know how limited it can be. Yet, you pulled it off perfectly.

  2. dude I love your work, I tried them both out last night. I got like 6 new stages thanks to elite smash hacker’s deku tre stage and such! xD The two stages are awesome, I love em’ both. Does nintendo bros have a suggestion’s page? or maybe a guide to get your own textures and edit them, and stuff? i cant dump an iso because my pc is severely damaged, and can only hold 16 GB now… so another way to get the stuff, and a guide on the whole thing would be very nice. theres probably one out there… anyway nice work, as always 8)

  3. dude im on the edge of creating my own textures but i gotta say, nice work man well done

  4. crazy brawler Avatar

    is it normal that star shadow link he Giygas stage to your stage texture because i wonder if anyone can tell him that he put the wrong one (i wonder why i can’t post on elite smash hacker site)

  5. Um, I do not get exactly what you are trying to say, Crazy Brawler. Do you mean that Starshadow (from ESH) linked to my stage instead of his own Giygas Stage? If so, I do not know what is going on.

  6. Lario_Svoltadila Avatar

    How do I use these textures??? In whinch folder should I put???? I’m all confused

  7. wats the file path (um… im a noob at this)

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