So You Want Plain Results?

And yes, this was done using BrawlBox. Just place the provided stage pac in your stages folder, and activate the code that replaces Jungle Japes with the Online Training Stage. Code is found in the ReadMii that comes with the download, which also removes the sandbag from the stage.


– Jose Gallardo

6 responses to “So You Want Plain Results?”

  1. What to call it? 😀

  2. this is why i have to check this website more often…

  3. Oh my! =O
    The sad thing is… I love Jungle Japes… T_T
    Hmmm… Could it be codes to replace Flat Zone 2, Big Blue, 75m, New Pork City, Skyworld, Hanenbow and Pokémon Stadium 2 for Online Stage? (Sorry if I asked too much)

  4. Can i rename the Pac file to OnlineTraing?

  5. yea i have no idea what to call it is it onlinetraining.pac? and will it work with tmeple of time activated?

  6. hey do u have a hack whe you can play as super wario or giga bowser all the time. by the way link`s my actual name. but i love legend of zelda so much.

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