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Cliche, In Mah Brawl?

What’s this? It seems someone from outer space has left a present, and within it contains… more presents. Why isn’t that, the Transformers Cube? And, its brought some friends too!

With hexing outta the way, I am finally able to make Item textures. Items work differently than Characters, Trophies, PKMN, etc, so I won’t be Super Smash Brothers Brawl (NA)_003releasing a compiled Common3.pac every time I make a new Item TXS. Yes, that means you guys will have to wait until I at least have a fair amount of Items done so I can released the pac file that contains the item textures. In the mean time, if you have any ideas for Items, please let me know. I am still working on getting the Smashball files to work, and its a pretty nifty idea. In fact, the best idea I’ve had so far, in my opinion. I really do hope I get it working soon.

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