Donkey Kong Is Pure Gold!

Texture by: Jose Gallardo

No, I’m not saying Donkey Kong is great. He’s cool and all, but that isn’t the point. I mean, Donkey Kong is literally PURE GOLD! Still don’t know what I mean? You might want to check out the following.

Turn around...
Don't look at meh!

We all know Donkey Kong’s Brawl texture is one of the “meh” TXS to customize. So I originally planned to strip the Emerald TXS from the ISO, and make it as a normal Costume. And I thought, “what if I tweaked it a little?” And so I did. The result was this very rich texture (pun?).

So without further ado, I present you 24K-DK:

And as with every customized Emerald texture, Picatures (<- – -yes, I spelled it like that on purpose) don’t do them justice. Try it yourself, if you think you can afford it 😛

LINK TO DOWNLOAD (megaupload): Get the Gold Here!

3 responses to “Donkey Kong Is Pure Gold!”

  1. bannana kong

  2. Hmm, intriguing! Golden monkeys are cool looking.

    PS: Care to link to MeowMix? Any stories you end up doing on our textures will be more than welcome (and mentioned on the main site, of course.)

    Keep it up.

  3. We appreciate the hard work you guys do but do you care to do something for me.(Us!)Can you include the csp image with the pcs,pac?Please.

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