Brawl Stage Pacs – Get ’em Here!


I’ve seen a lot of people requesting stage .pac files on the interwebz, and I don’t blame them. Now that the new STASH 1.0 has been released, people want to make their own custom Stage textures. And the STASH – Stage Texture Editor is all the rage now. So, where’s mah stage pacs?!

Well, grieve no more, as I will provide the hard-to-find Stage .Pac files. The Character .pacs are already uploaded on various sites (this site included, with the Gecko OS Quick Guide for Custom TXS), so I will only provide the Stage Pacs in this post.

-Your Guide and Ruler,
Jose Gallardo


9 responses to “Brawl Stage Pacs – Get ’em Here!”

  1. Does this mean I can finally edit stage textures too without having any backups,iso downloads and extra hardware?

    If yes I am going to be gay.

    Nah,I won´t. But I would love you anyways X3

  2. Are the custom stage pacs in there?

  3. I’ve got a rather large troubleshooting question. Whenever I download a stage file, it’s usually in the .rar format. I download it as a .pac or .pcs file, but whenever I try to play brawl with those files intact, the game freezes instantly at the character select screen. Help, please?

  4. Thx for .pac files 🙂

  5. Its like sex in a bottle

  6. Jibble Sandwich Avatar

    I keep getting .bin files when I am supposed to be getting .pac files.

  7. @jibble

    Are you using Windows 7? You might have to turn on “show file extensions” in your folder options in order for the files to correctly display the .pac extension. Otherwise, the files appear to be .bin and and windows automatically tries to open them with a .bin compatible program. This especially happens if you have VLC player. Other than that, the download gives all the stage pacs correctly, so I wouldn’t know what else could be the problem.

  8. Megaupload- R.I.P. Now I can’t get the files. Crap.

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