Fairly Odd Ness Turner

tim1Sorry Marvin for posting this right after your Striker Yoshi article, but I won’t have time for updates tomorrow, and this is the last of my character textures before I release another enchanting (hint,hint) custom stage TXS. So I really want to get this over with; and will be making this post short so as to not hog the attention Yoshi Striker Deserves. So without further ado, here is the Brawlified, 3D render of Timmy Turner.

Sorry guys, no buck-teeth for Timmy-Ness. It looks mighty awful adding extra props, so clean and simple (although not so simple) was the best way to go for him.

I was originally going to call him Timmy-Fan Ness, but messing with the eyes caused a bit more similarity with the real Timmy. I also wanted a Timmy character in my roster for battles against ]EE[‘s Jimmy Neutron Lucas. I’m a big fan of Fairly Odd Parents, as you can tell =)

DOWNLOAD LINK (megaupload): Eliminate… Timmy Turner (Fairly Odd Parents trilogy reference)

4 responses to “Fairly Odd Ness Turner”

  1. but… Cosmo was green…

  2. There’s no way that’s Timmy…

  3. Lol, whut? Great job!

  4. ness came out way before jimmy neutron

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