Striker Peach and Daisy

It’s your turn to add to list two more striker. “Peach and Daisy”

As you can see the uniform is basically the same. Only in that Daisy was a request that requires as much, I decided to change his style and eye color changing figures and details (flowers)

They are not beautiful?

Enjoy these textures


10 responses to “Striker Peach and Daisy”

  1. Peach always looks a little odd dressless, but even so, great job! Your striker series is very amazing.

  2. DOnt you need to change Daisy’s eyes?

  3. There’s no way to cut peach’s hair?anyways it’s hot!

  4. hair clippers, you can not even be possible, since its ALFA layer of the texture does not allow these transparencies.

  5. Hello marvin, I was wondering If I could use Striker Peach as the base for a texture that I want to make. Of course I’ll give you credit for It.

  6. PAVGN, if you can use texture based striker.
    I hope you, do a wonderful texture.

  7. Thank you, I hope you won’t be disappointed.

  8. Hi marvin, I finished the texture that I used Strikers Peach for.

    I hope you like It.

  9. Download for Peach is broken.

  10. Same for Daisy :V

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