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Striker Peach and Daisy

It’s your turn to add to list two more striker. “Peach and Daisy”

As you can see the uniform is basically the same. Only in that Daisy was a request that requires as much, I decided to change his style and eye color changing figures and details (flowers)

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Yoshi Striker

One more striker.
Yoshi, a striker more in which there was ample evidence to reach this result.

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Luigi Striker

PRESENTATION plays a Striker more.

This occasion is Luigi Striker. To successfully complete the texture Mario Striker, I decided to start with the set of textures Strikers.

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Mario Striker

Hello, I begin to share my textures for Super Smash Bros Brawl on Nintendo Bros.
To start, here Mario Striker.
That is my first texture made the 07/January/2009 with application ASH (Mark [EOL]).
I started this list STRIKERS CHARGERD

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