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Well it is now, release the babies

Well it is now, release the babies

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Striker Peach and Daisy

It’s your turn to add to list two more striker. “Peach and Daisy”

As you can see the uniform is basically the same. Only in that Daisy was a request that requires as much, I decided to change his style and eye color changing figures and details (flowers)

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Peach… where’s your dress?

We all know about the Debug Menu from Smash Bros. Melee?
sometimes during a debug match, if Peach or Zelda taunted, their dresses would disappear (they really just became transparent).

Allow me to present to you, the Brawl version of Melee’s “Debug” Dressless Peach!
(I know it’s not much, but it was one of my favorite WTF moments in Melee debug history!)

Hi there!

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Brawl Custom Textures- Generic Peach Surprise

FS Custom Texture by: Jose Gallardo

Surprise, Surprise! Peach is no longer egocentric (was she ever?) in Brawl. You know, whenever Peach uses her Final Smash, she surrounds herself with imaginary Giant Peach decors? Well, all that is a thing of the past. Peach is now inspired by her best friends…  and Warp Pipes? Take a look!



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NBA Street – Mario, Luigi, & Peach!

This was a game that came out for the Gamecube version back in 2005. The CGN version of NBA Street V3 featured Mario, Luigi, and Peach as guest characters. Don’t know much about it, however, since I never got to play this game. Who else knew about this?

Peach’s Smashball Easter Egg

This is what I could guess as an Easter Egg from Nintendo. I posted this video on Youtube a while back, and I thought I’d share it with everyone here since its been getting viewed more than usual. Not many people seem to know about this, and while I couldn’t record it with a capture card, I still present you with Peach’s Easter Egg.