Well it is now, release the babies

Well it is now, release the babies

Thanks for the video Jose Gallardo

Well start with the credits

Original Partial Size Modifier by Phantom Wings.

BABY MARIO (originally  BigSharkZ)

BOWSER JR. (mastaklo,originally  BigSharkZ)

Assists in the union of my code, and Thanks for the video Jose Gallardo.



Partial Size Modifier Set Pointers  [Phantom Wings]
C283CAA4 00000006
80A30064 80A50020
80A5000C A8850002
80B90010 80A500AC
5484103E 38840040
7CA2212E 3CA01000
60000000 00000000

Skip Write
C21A86E8 00000004
C01B0000 A89B0002
2C045953 4182000C
C002A078 67A44000
60000000 00000000
C2046AF8 00000004
C0170000 A8970002
2C045953 41820008
C00284C8 7E248B78
60000000 00000000



Baby Mario
28708D68 00FF0000
4A000000 90180F20
140000D8 3F330000
E0000000 80008000
28708D68 00FF0000
48000000 805A9360
DE000000 80009380
140001E0 3FC05953
140001EC 20005953
14000210 20005953
140001D4 3FC05953
14000084 3F805953
140000C0 3F805953
14000114 3F805953
1400021C 3F805953
E0000000 80008000

Baby Luigi

28708D68 00FF0900
4A000000 90180F20
140000D8 3F330000
E0000000 80008000
28708D68 00FF0900
48000000 805A9360
DE000000 80009380
140001E0 3FC05953
140001EC 20005953
14000210 20005953
140001D4 3FC05953
14000084 3F805953
140000C0 3F805953
14000114 3F805953
1400021C 3F805953
E0000000 80008000

Baby Peach
28708D68 00FF0D00
4A000000 90180F20
140000D8 3F1E0000
E0000000 80008000
28708D68 00FF0D00
48000000 805A9360
DE000000 80009380
140003D8 3FF35953
140003CC 3FF05953
14000408 30005953
140003FC 2FC05953
14000030 3F1E0000
E0000000 80008000

Baby Yoshi
28708D68 00FF0500
4A000000 90180F20
140000D8 3F330000
E0000000 80008000
28708D68 00FF0500
48000000 805A9360
DE000000 80009380
140001BC 3FC05953
140000CC 10005953
140000D8 10005953
E0000000 80008000

Baby Wario
28708D68 00FF1700
4A000000 90180F20
140000D8 3F330000
E0000000 80008000
28708D68 00FF1700
48000000 805A9360
DE000000 80009380
14000180 3FC05953
140001C8 20005953
140001A4 20005953
14000180 3FC05953
14000048 3F805953
14000078 3F805953
140000C0 3F805953
140001D4 3F805953
E0000000 80008000

Download Textures + codes.

*Note by Jose Gallardo: The B+ files provided in the download can be opened in Notepad. They are the codes that should be activated for said Baby Character . Also included as B+ files are the codes for the Partial Size Mod & Skip write, which are needed for the Baby Character codes to work. Codes are already  posted above, but the B+ files were originally a part of the initial upload, so yeah. Ignore them if you want. What you want to focus on is the PCS (& PAC) texture files.

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  1. Do these codes work for the PAL version too?

  2. It’s sad that you can’t change the size of the head, it makes them look disturbingly chibi.

  3. furst 😀 but yea i lov da babies

  4. Awsome ,but i downloaded the thingys and what do i do with b+ file ‘^_^

  5. I was scared at first view, than stagnated the next.

  6. hey! the babies only works with 1st player

  7. @Dude you see where it says
    48000000 805A9360
    right? just change that “60″ on the far right of that line to a
    64 for P2
    68 for P3
    6C for P4

  8. So these code only work for a certain player?

  9. These codes do not work in PAL.

    So is that I put in the post are just for 1 player, but downloading may find archivos.B +. For 2 player
    Also included as B + files are the codes for the Partial Size Mod & Skip write, which are needed for the Baby Character codes to work. Codes are already posted above, but the B + files were originally a part of the initial upload, so yeah. Ignore them if you want.

  10. YES!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!!! I was gonna make my own models if you werent releasing these soon!!! WHOooOOoooO!!! Nice,very nice.

  11. @Marvin,I put BabyMario+ what ever it’s called and,well you need them to make them have baby voices,also look another baby ^_^

  12. i wish i had hacks

  13. Codes don’t work for pal…….man us europeans can’t share the excitment you guys have with this -_-.

    There better be someone who can import the codes for us.

  14. How did you get bulbasaur DMN?

  15. @Oni-Tlink:Easy 😀 althought there’s no code out for it now. 😦

  16. the only burden is that all the characters shrink so i can only play as the babies, greatest thing ever though!!!

  17. EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. oh come on! I changed the 60 to a 64 on baby luigi so that he would be player 2 and i wen against him and he’s a big giant baby luigi 3 times as big as baby mario!!! help!

  19. already mentioned in the package are some files. “B +” which you can open with notepad.
    In the pack you can find the code ready for P1 and P2 for each baby.

  20. Could someone upload the files to megaupload or file factory? Because i cant download from media fire


  21. i just found out that the only character affected was marth! LOL, mini marth! i can do a big battle making marth normal and bowser big! AWESOME! lol, he even acts as a minimized character. GOTTA DO A MINI BRAWL, mini mini marth. then ill give mini mini martn a poison mushroom and either i get a super duper small marth, a glitched up marth, or the game will freeze…or maybe something special…GETTING TO IT!!! lol

  22. If you remove the line 48000000 805A9360 which you edit to set it for different players, will it work for all players.

  23. How do you get a baby character playing at the same time as the original?

    Is it that is only affect a certain player?

    Great characters; I’m just confused about how you made the originals next to the babies on the video

  24. hey how did you change the baby mario voice to make it high pitched, is this permanent

  25. I got the code working for P2 but the character is huge.
    Can someone help?

  26. Hello !!

    Sorry it works to NTSJ ???
    And if it works in NTSJ I put everything in the, for example folder Luigi?


  27. *NTSCJ(Japanese Brawl version)
    Sorry 😛

  28. I added these codes and now none of the textures work.. can some 1 help me?

  29. Let me change what I said. I meant that the baby textures work, but the other textures don’t.

  30. do u hack on the wii or wat? i want 2 know!!!!

  31. For it to work for 2 players do i take out the 48000000 and 805A9360?

  32. I like the textures but i dont understand how to use them with the gecko os

  33. they work pretty well but not always like classic are you going to update them eventually?

  34. burnsideking24

    can someone help me get this to work? >__< ima newb/n00b

  35. @burnsideking24

    There are still n00bs out there, eh?
    Well, since I had help from my hack superiors, I will do the same courtesy for you.

    You have to download a Brawl text file that contains all the cheats you can use with Gecko OS.
    (Not ALL, but most) If you need Gecko OS, buy an SD card from Best Buy/Walmart/etc. and insert into your Wii, followed by installing Homebrew Channel and then installing Homebrew Browser.
    (Google is your friend.)

    You download Gecko OS and then you create all the necessary folders and files you need/want in your SD card root (Phantom Wings is your friend),
    especially a txtcodes folder and put your text file in there. You double-click the file to open it.

    You copy and paste the above codes into your text file (at the bottom). Then you download the file from the link. If not already properly named, name the files Fit(character)0(0-6 depending on character, would be the costume number, 00 being the one that appears when you click on a character.)

    Download a thing called Code Manager from the Homebrew Browser and check the codes you need for the babies and press the… 1 button I think. Also make sure the SD File Patcher Code (obtained in nintendobros texture guide) is on, so it’ll appear.

    Start Gecko OS (preferably the newest) and select the first option (can be done with GC or Wii remote). If it says ‘RSBE01 Codes Found’ or whatever your version is, you’ve done it right.
    If not, you screwed up somehow, ask another expert after this phase.

    If you need MORE instruction, I will fix my Civil Protection Service on you *points to Jason* and hopefully see you get torn limb from limb, sloooowly.

    Keep this in mind at ALL TIMES.
    I will !!NOT!! say these words again, I may link you to my former words, but I will NOT instruct you in the same thing as I told someone else.

  36. burnsideking24

    i did everything u said but it only shows the textures, it doesnt modify their size. so Luigi and Mario look like weird pedophiles while Peach looks like she’s trying to be a baby and Yoshi gets cool shoes >_<

  37. Really?
    Well, it works for me…

    You sure you downloaded both the textures AND put the codes in?

    You need all them codes…
    Plus make sure theres a PLUS on the left side of the code, instead of a blank.

    Ask someone like BSZ if you STILL can’t figure it out.

  38. You have to put the .pcs files in the fighter folder under Mario, Luigi, etc. (Take the FitMario00.pcs and put it in the folder located in Fighter named Mario. Same thing with the rest of them.) Then, take the files that were in the folder you downloaded and change the .B+ at the end of the name to .txt so you can read it. When you open it up, copy the code to your RSBE01’s txt file (the notepad where you keep your codes at) and paste it there. On the name of the code put P1+ or P2+ at the end. (example: Baby Mario P1+). When you’re done editing, save the file and transfer it, with code manager, to a .gct file on your SD card in the folder “codes” which should be located on the root of your SD card. If you have too many codes enabled, it wont work. So.. Don’t use too many. Unfortunately.. If you make P2 a CPU, whoever they are.. They’re going to be small.. Its a good thing if you’re using the babies, bad if you’re using someone else.

  39. How do you do this stuff?

  40. Will Riivolution work?

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