Mario Striker

Hello, I begin to share my textures for Super Smash Bros Brawl on Nintendo Bros.
To start, here Mario Striker.
That is my first texture made the 07/January/2009 with application ASH (Mark [EOL]).
I started this list STRIKERS CHARGERD

Now create your team with the Strikers in SSBB


13 responses to “Mario Striker”

  1. Bienvenidos al equipo, Marvin ^_^

    Mario Striker fue el primer texture tuyo que use. Lo agregare al roster.

  2. Whenever I see these, I’m amazed by them. Great job.

  3. yeah i love these ^_^ maybe the hats can use some workthough, they seem a very darker shade of red/green… but i dont mean to critisize, very good still

  4. Thanks for the comments.
    Oni KAGE, has every reason not touch their hats as they have the original color, maybe an update will details aprobecho shoes and put in a color more like the hats.

  5. I have it named correctly and everything, why won’t it work

  6. ok I got it to work but can somone tell me how to get the custom character I cons to work.

  7. The update of this striker, are the shoes, the color of the cap to be more uniform, eliminating all traces of material remains of the original texture.

    Here some pictures.

    piggyjelly that good that you’ve been able to use the texture.

    piggyjelly Sorry, my English is not very good.
    So you do not understand your request.

  8. Ok but can you tell me how to get the cps to work, and also the problem was it was in the wrong character slot, it had to be in slot 00

  9. i mean cps

  10. “CPS” I do not remember any file that has that description.
    The only ones in use are “PCS” which are what contain the textures in a compressed file, the “CAP” textures are not compressed, and “CSP” that are listed in the Selection menu.

    If what you require a “PAC”
    Uses the [lz77ex.exe] to deviate from the PCS, either in the download which will get unzipped the “PAC”.

    If you need to appears in the Selection menu. Requires tool CUPASH and file “common5.pac.
    With. “Tag” property in which the discharge should rename to. “Tag” to replace.

    Sorry if something is wrong my English writing is not very good. lol.

  11. Yeah by “cps” I mean the character selection icon

  12. hey marvin, what application is used to view the textures before using them in the game? is it not 3DS max? i cannot get the 3DS MAX to work.

  13. What is the tga for?

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