CC Shadow 3.0 Release


*for those who don’t know what CC Shadow is, take a look here at the 1st completed PSA moveset ever(?)*

22 responses to “CC Shadow 3.0 Release”

  1. A-W-E-S-O-M-E

  2. Just tried it out, and I must say, this is much better than v.2 (not that that was bad)

  3. dude i must say this is one of the most best textures ive ever saw nice work man!!
    btw when r u gona remove that blue that come our of sonic?

  4. Can’t wait to try this.

  5. I love the improvements, I can feel the difference in game play. The thing is, I still think the side smash has too much range for the speed in which it takes to do.

  6. Honestly, I like v2 a lot better than this.

  7. I think what really set it apart was the neutral hit combo; v2 had him roll which would sometimes got me into trouble. Also it just seems that v3 is a bit more balanced.

  8. sorry the side smash thing, I sorta take it back, sometimes it becomes infinite but I think only close up

  9. HELP the sound didnĀ“t work i have downloaded the shadow and give it to the sonic folder sry for my bad english

  10. Hey, would it not be possible to take say, a move from an assist trophy e.g. Shadow’s Chaos Contol and turn it into a usable attack on a character? That would be pretty cool to have as his final smash

  11. how do i set this up?

  12. Can someone please tell me what i have to name the folders cuz i have the code but not the folderz.

  13. Found out what 2 nam thim private/wii/app/RSBE/pf/fighter/*character code_name*/*fit character code_name* YAY!!!!!!! :-]

  14. How come v.3 file cant be found it says like error 404 file not found

  15. how do i get textures onto my wii?

  16. how do you get in on brawl after u download it?

  17. it dosent work geeko os will not load and the wii wont read the codes tell me how to make it work

  18. how do you USE this! T_T

  19. Can someone snd me this plz, megaupload is over :/

  20. how do you download this

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