BrawlBox and Smash Items – The Guide

BrawlBox – Get it Here The guide from here-on will assume you already acquired the latest version of BrawlBox, and that you already have a common3.pac file (aka item pac). If you don’t have a common3.pac item file, download the old NB file here, with pre-set up textures.
Always keep a back-up of your Common3.pac before editing!

Ok, so with the latest version of BrawlBox (previously known as SmashBox), it is now possible to replace Item textures with ease, from within the Common3.pac file itself. From now on, I will release item textures as Pac files, and you (the user) will replace said texture with the one provided. For example, I will release a texture in this post to accompany the guide; the Firefox Smash Ball.

Step 1-
First and foremost, download the Firefox Smash Ball PAC Here. Its not zipped or anything, so its ready to go.

Step 2-
Launch BrawlBox, then open up your Common3.pac file, as shown in the image below.


Once you open up you open up your Common3.pac file, BrawlBox should look something like this:


Step 3-
Our main focus for this mini tutorial is the Icon called ItmCommonBrres ; click on the +sign next to it, and a sub-menu will appear, with all of the Item PAC files in an alphabetical list.


Step 4-
Now lets replace the smashball texture in the common3.pac with the Firefox Smash Ball previously downloaded. To do this, take a look at the name of the Firefox Smash ball texture you downloaded. Its called ItmSmashballBrres. In BrawlBox, scroll down until you find a similar file; right click it, and select Replace option (not replace all).


Once you hit the Replace option, look for the Firefox Smash Ball Pac file, and obviously replace the file.

Step 5-
Congratulations! You have successfully replaced a custom texture. [If you are savvy with BrawlBox, you can go ahead and confirm that the textured replaced properly by opening up the +tab under the Smashball pac, and then clicking yet another +tab under textures.] Now that you replaced the texture, its time to save the modified Common3.pac. Just go to file, and hit the Save option. BrawlBox will then compress the new file. Warning! This will override your previous common3.pac, so make a back-up before saving!


Make sure the new Common3.pac is around 4.80MB. If its something ridiculous like 1.3MB, then then there was an error during compression. You might have to re-apply the new texture (restart BrawlBox). Assuming everything went correct, just place the new Common3.pac file in the …pf/system directory of your SD card.

– Jose Gallardo
– Jose Gallardo

20 responses to “BrawlBox and Smash Items – The Guide”

  1. Sweet tutorial.
    Going to have a blast to put in all the item textures I’ve wanted. 😀

  2. can I release some of my personal items soon as well?

  3. not appear the new textures in the previous fall ssbb

  4. I’ll be sure to try this, thanks.

    Considering the current subject, would it be possible to release some of the old item textures by themselves? To say the truth the only one I really want is the CD one.

  5. To LinkofAuburn & Blaze Dragon: Yes

  6. Hey, I love this tut, but I have a HUGE Problem.
    I can edit my own textures, in .pac files, then put them back in, and do EVERYTHING, but, when i go to save, the file size ALWAYS goes to 7.56Mb.
    I even tried following this Tut to the letter, same file size.
    any suggestions?

  7. ok what is the code to activate the common3.pac from my SD card?

  8. Actually, may I suggest an alternate tool? I prefer using “BrawlScape”. You simply replace the textures, hit save, done 🙂

  9. Actually, it takes longer with BrawlScape. You can also replace the textures in BrawlBox, but why do that when you can replace an entire pac in one go?


  11. Obviously…we’re,um,not talking about the one I just downloaded,because instead of all THAT,theres just [ARC] ItmSmashBallBrres [-]

    + ModelData

    + TextureData

    + AnimationData

    ? AnimationData [4]

    ? AnimationData [2]

    ? AnimationData [3]

    ? AnimationData [6]

    thats all,please help!

  12. can you make it so the smash ball is a brawl disk? I tried but when the smash ball appears the game freezes

  13. nvm actually, I got it

  14. What if i only want this item texture (and maybe a few others)instead of a whole item pack?
    If I simply put the PAC file(s) on the SD card “System” folder would it work?
    I know having files in a single PAC file is a lot easier but for me kinda put extra work on my SD card especially when im already using a bunch of other textures and someone set items to “High”.

  15. why the game is lokceed at the start?there are a white scherm with the instruction,excuse me for the language,i’m italian

  16. help meeee!!!!!!!why he doesn’t work?did i get one codes?and for pal version?is corret:private/wii/app/RSBP/pf/system/common3.pac???

  17. ……..why the game doesn’t start with the textures

  18. i unzipped the 4 files that you get with brawl box, and when i tried to open the application, there was an error that came up that said i need to download the latest version of some .NET Framework: v2.0.507 something or other, and i cant find a download for it. help?

  19. Thank god I found this tutorial! Bless you Jose! 😀

  20. hey christine….. i love you

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