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Nboards Successor

Our previous version (which is also the current one for the moment) of Nintendo Bros message boards has proven to be obsolete both in style and maintenance. I am now working on a brand new version of Nboards for all your discussion needs. Do not click on the message board link located on the main nav-bar under the header, as it will take you to the old boards. Get started on the new forums by clicking here. The link to the new forums will be placed on the main nav-bar in the future, so stay tuned for more info.

New Week, New Header

We have changed our header once again, this time featuring an unpopular conflict of pixels vs. graphics. Nowadays, its only natural to want a game not only with a good story, but with great visuals as well. Are you one of those who prefer the story over good graphics? Or are you one of those people who likes to immerse themselves into a realistic video game with enhance visuals? Personally, graphics are indeed a must in this new generation. That is, if you want to feel like you are playing something new. Thoughts?