Never Give Up! – James McCloud Joins the Brawl!

James MCCloud Image
James McCloud

The team responsible for bringing you the Awesome Fierce Deity Link Texture to Brawl reveals yet another occult figure that might still be a bit obscure to many gamers.

BigSharkZ (the head of the EliteSmashHackers team), answered a request to bring James to Brawl. And that request came from non other than yours truly (A.K.A. Me). Who knew that such a simple Texture alteration could create a totally different persona. But hey, we are speaking of Elite Smash Hackers here!

Here’s a bit of screens from Elite Smash Hackers site. To see more screenshots of this newly revealed TXS, and to see many other awesome Textures from Elite Smash Hackers, follow James to the official ESH blog here

And for those haven’t played much Starfox, here is a brief overview of who Jame McCloud really is:

James McCloud (Star Fox series)

Excerpt taken from

“James McCloud and his wife, Vixy Reinard-McCloud, raised their young Fox McCloud into the respectable pilot he is today. Following the death of Fox’s mother in an assassination attempt on James McCloud by a jealous Andross (who had also loved Vixy), James was all Fox had left in the universe. Unfortunately, James failed to return from a mission with his Star Fox team to the planet Venom – he was taken captive by Andross and presumed dead.

Fox eventually took the helm of the Star Fox team and with the help of Slippy Toad, Falco Lombardi, and James’ old teammate Peppy Hare, Fox admirably followed in his father’s footsteps as a missionary and force in fighting off Andross. Whenever in the vicinity of Venom, however, Fox encounters a figure resembling his father whenever he is in dire situations. James has arrived to guide Fox out of Andross’ self-destructing base and join the Star Fox in the fight against the Anglar Emperor. For unknown reasons, James has yet to return home to Corneria with Fox. However, it is evident that James has raised a son to be proud of and that he will always be at his son’s side when needed. James always leaves Fox with the advice to “never give up.”

3 responses to “Never Give Up! – James McCloud Joins the Brawl!”

  1. Hehe, thanks a lot for this! 😛

  2. epic………WIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. awesome! 😀 i always wished he could be in brawl. i am afraid i don’t know how to get that texture hack though. ):

    my favorite screenshot on here is the thrid one. ^-^

    hm it makes you wonder what kind of secerts he’s hiding. but i am glad he isn’t dead. ^_^

    only starfox game i got is startfox assault and i only see him in the battle against the apariod queen. D:

    but i do have f-zero gx. :DD ~sighs~ though it isn’t james form the starfox universe.

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