Who’s that Trainer? Its Ritchie! And he has joined the Brawl!

Custom Texture by: Jose Gallardo

The Mystery Is History -Reference to Episode 11 (Season 5) of Pokemon.

Some fo who who frequent GSCentral Boards or Nintendo Bros Youtube Channel (or just plain know me) might have taken notice that Blastoise is my favorite Pokemon, and Ritchie is my favorite Trainer from the Pokemon series. Well, I’m glad to say my ambition to place Ritchie in Brawl has led me to create this awesome custom TXS. This texture took me hours to do, Who's That Trainer?since I encountered many mistakes during gameplay. This is also the first Texture I do for Pokemon Trainer, and that wasn’t easy. Its all a matter of perseverance and willpower, both of which are attributed to Ritchie. Does this mean we can now replicate the epic battle between Ash and his eerily similar Persona, Ritchie in Brawl? Yay!

Ritchie also comes equipped with Blue Pokeballs! Weren’t they custom made by some old man in a GBA PKMN game? I think they work great on water pokemon…

LINK TO DOWNLOAD (megaupload): Ritchie Challenges You to a PKMN Battle!

2 responses to “Who’s that Trainer? Its Ritchie! And he has joined the Brawl!”

  1. Nice richie. Don’t be afraid to make it so it has more resemblence to its respective character no matter how the model is made. Also…

    Requesting link stacksmash.cultnet.net/brawlhost/cursedportal

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