Nintendo Bros Strap Loader

I noticed several people where asking for the Strap Loader. Sorry to keep you waiting.  So, here it is! If you haven’t seen the Strap Loader, and still have no idea what it is after seeing the pictures, you can see one of my videos that features the strap loader. You know, the screen that loads before a game starts that tells you to ALWAYS wear the Wrist Strap to avoid injuries, property damage, yap yap, etc.

strap2loader strap1loader

Click Here to See Video Example of Strap Loader
(you may want to skip to 0:40 secs of the video to see the Strap Loader)

Directory for Strap Loader: …pf/menu/strap/[insertstrapfilehere]

And as an additional bonus, I’ve also included a simple, but different TXS file. This time around, I’ve edited a Trophy. Who could it be? Well its non other than Andross!

"Have no fear, Red-Dross is here!"

al_090426_2323 al_090426_2324 al_090426_23231

Well well, if it isn’t BSharkz’s Stage TXS. Kudos to Elite Smash Hackers. Visit them for this good-looking Sector-Z stage.

Directory for AsfAndrossBrres: …pf/item/Andross/[insertandrossfilehere]

Now onto the Downloads. That’s why you are here, right?

Have fun!

DOWNLOAD LINK (megaupload): Gimme Wrist Strap Loader!

DOWNLOAD LINK (megaupload): Gimme Red-Dross!

8 responses to “Nintendo Bros Strap Loader”

  1. Can you send me a list of the names for inserting the AT characters, assorted items, and where to but that Strap Loader?


  3. Can you tell me how to make your own strap loader

  4. hey i put the strap loader in the correct directory but it does not apear i rename the file to strapEN.pac and nothing and again i rename to sc_strap_en.pac(i see the name in the iso) but not it doesn´t apear and i make a new one but doesn´t apear with the 2 names what happening?if you now can you fix it?

  5. We need more of these.

  6. ham-dross 😛

  7. megaupload has been shutdown

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