Zun, zun, zun… SMB3’s Sun Joins the Brawl!

Oh yes, I remember when I first played that scary level. The desert stage where you were followed by that dastardly sun, who was always trying to get you. I was around 4-5 years old when I first played that stage, and I always hated that level. I usually handed the controller to my sister, because I was afraid of the Sun (seriously). And here I am, 15 years later, trying to revive this old nemesis. Ah, the irony of life…

So how do I plan to include Zunny (that’s how I call the SMB3 Sun) into Brawl? Well, if you are on the main page and not reading the full article, then click the link below to continue reading the rest of the post! Or if you are reading the entire post already, then good for you ^_^

If you haven’t guessed it, Zunny is now the Smash Ball! Hit him, smack him, kick him, smash him, do whatever you like to Zunny. He won’t hurt you in the least. In fact, it looks like he’s left his evil ways to try and help anyone in distress. Too bad we can’t say the same thing for his evil grin. Screens don’t do justice, so you’ll just have to wait and try this for yourselves.

Loads of thanks to VILE for his guide on making Textures for Items (as well as making the Smashball compatible with ASH), and another Big thanks to Spunit for trouble-shooting the Smashball item glitch. Without them, I would have never achieved this. Also, thanks to those who have been following my textures and leaving positive and/or constructive criticism. Without your support, I wouldn’t have the incentive to create Custom textures for Brawl.

As a little gift to show my appreciation, I will release the unfinished Common3.pac (items PAC) which includes the 3 Crate textures, plus the Zunny Smashball IF I get enough requests for it. I hadn’t planned on releasing it until I had a few more Items hacked, but I’m guessing some of you will want to use these already.

10 responses to “Zun, zun, zun… SMB3’s Sun Joins the Brawl!”

  1. getaredpanda Avatar

    I hope you’ve gotten a lot of requests for that common 3, I haven’t replaced item textures yet but The ones you made look totally worth it. I used to be scared of that sun too, it’s so rewarding to hit him with a green shell in MB3 nowadays, but in smash as well?! That’s just great man

  2. Yea could you release the Zunny plz that thing is sweet.

  3. I reeeeeeealy want Zunny. I mean, really bad.

  4. I agree with first post, release please 😛

    Best idea ever plz release

  6. yah. zunny texture!!!!! onegaishimasu??????????

  7. Zunny! Zunny!


  8. georgio armani Avatar
    georgio armani

    you should release it so we can all enjoy the pleasure we feel on our nip nip when smashing a zunny

  9. Well’ the Common3.pac file (for items) has been released. Check the TXS Brawl Roster for the DOWNLOAD LINK.

  10. I’m so happy

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