Smash Ball TXS #2 – Phanto Mask

I haven’t put this texture up for download yet. I have to organize my Items PAC, since it became a little messy after I paused texture hacking for a bit. I will be making a single download with 2 Common3 item pacs, and each one will have either the Zunny Smash Ball or the Phanto Smash Ball. That way, you don’t have to bother with all the extraction/insertion stuff. I’m cool like that.

I posted a video instead of random images because it looks way better in action. Take a look.
DOWNLOAD COMING SOON – And Kudos to those who figured out what I had planned through my previous post, Although it was a little too obvious, in my opinion.


4 responses to “Smash Ball TXS #2 – Phanto Mask”

  1. FIRST!!! yay
    and i had to turn on brawl and confirm this before i posted, though i had no clue the sound effects were editable already! now i just gotta find all the files to change…

  2. Awesome Smash Ball texture (and everything else)!

  3. I want that voice. “Battle Royal” Can you put that up for download?

  4. Dude how do you guys change the icons at the select screen? you guys never showed us how to do that either! =( im so behind. Your wii is crazy awesome.

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