Project SA – Smash Attacks Released

Project SA, Plan Zero… We [mostly] all already know about it. But what you probably didn’t know is that Phantom Wings has released a beta version of his Smash Attribute app. You want it?

Get it here

Wait, you still haven’t heard of Project SA, – or worse – , PLAN ZERO? Then check up on this video, courtesy of SSBVet:

In summary, its a nice little application which allows you to deeply (although not fully) customize the attributes of the Smash Characters. This release is a Beta V0.1, so expect a few bugs and/or missing info. Although the SA stands for Smash Attacks, I’d much rather call it Smash Attributes. Its more fitting, in my opinion.

Oh, and if you’ve yet to try out the test-subject Phoenix Mario, get it here as well. That link leads to Phoenix Mario V2, which is my edited version that allows you to use the Final Smash, plus a few more tweaks. Just place the PAC file within the Mario folder (where all the textures go) but don’t rename it. It should be FitMario.PAC with no digits, as its supposed to modify the attributes, not the textures.

And because I am so nice, I decided to upload all the character [moveset] PAC files into one single ZIP archive.


If anyone experiences problems with MU, I’ll host the file in MediaFire as well

52 responses to “Project SA – Smash Attacks Released”

  1. Yes!!!

  2. Interesting program… But for some reason I keep getting an “Error Reading File” Message. Anyway I can fix this?

  3. You can fix that problem opening the correct .pac file.
    In wiiscrubber extract the pac That doesnt have numbers
    For Example:Partition Data}Fighter}Purin}FitPurin.pac

  4. Uploaded the fighter moveset PAC files for Ya’ll to use =)

    *Check Post for Link

  5. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YESYESYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!
    *has a painful organism*

  6. @Oni Kage

    I thought it was orgasm, lol

    Should’ve known you would have something on this, Jose. But thanks for those .pacs, since my ISO is taking forever.

  7. I also only get the “Error Reading File” error, everytime I try to open a pac.

  8. @Dally

    Same here. Dunno what’s up :/

  9. Well, I’m running vista, but it didnt work in compatibility mode either. My friend is running Windows 7 and it works fine for him though… 😦

  10. Windows 7? The beta?

  11. Yeh. Haha.

  12. Hah, good. :p

    But Jose just posted this on GSC:

    So I’m installing the new Framework atm, so I’ll go from there.

  13. Yay! Works now, so I would recommend install the new framework.

  14. Okay, to everyone: If you are getting the “Error Reading File” message, then one of two things are wrong.

    1. You are trying to open “Fit[Character][##]”. You CANNOT open these files in PSA, you must open “Fit[Character]” (no numbers at the end).

    2. You don’t have version 3.5 of the .NET Framework. No other version will work. Download it here:

    If you’ve done both and it’s still not working, I’m not sure what’s wrong.

  15. I seem to be late with posting the news about the .NET Framework.

  16. Installing. EPIC FAIL

  17. Can you make a guide?

  18. now that the beta is here it would be nice if after someone figured it out they would start taking request on what type of chars to make like. a Sonic with fox’s smash attacks if you understand what i mean.

  19. Phoenix Mario V.2 is now available. Check above article for link.

  20. Every time I make a pac. when I select the character it freezes.

  21. Works but im not that good at it 🙂 tried making mario movesets like luigi >_> but its way to much values.



    Now all we need is a lovely tutorial that tells us what the hell these numbers mean.

  23. Has anyone figured how to use this?
    it would be nice if someone made a tutorial

  24. Are there going to be any more characters? If there are, where will they be posted

  25. i open file and it says
    Method not found: ‘System.String

  26. @Jose

    where can i find a guide to learn how to program well basic programming anyways

  27. Amazing dude. I think im getting some of it. not much though 😦 anybody have a guide?

  28. If you are going to fix Phoenix Mario, make him go into Helpless state when he uses his downB, so he can’t stall forever.

    The downB action actually checks if you used it on the ground or not, so you just need to modify the action he goes into after using the attack. Helpless state is action 10 BTW.

  29. hey there! will there be a video tutorial of Smash Attacks on youtube anytime soon? i’m kinda a bit of a noob with new stuff

  30. Now we’re editing a moveset .pac… does this mean after finishing you can rename it to say

    FitPit04.pac and it will correspond with the texture for

    Is that how it works?

  31. @Spudman: No, you have to call it “Fit[Character]” No numbers. “Fit[Character][##]” controls textures, while “Fit[Character]” controls the moveset. They’re not interchangeable.

    @Everyone else: A guide is available here: (Though I’m going to bet that none of you will understand it. XD)

  32. @everyone When I Try to open a pac file on PSA i keep getting errors

  33. @smashballz: Do you have the Microsoft .Net Framework v3.5?

  34. Dylan Pritchard -dp16- Avatar
    Dylan Pritchard -dp16-

    Wow. I am amazed. I have been in Smash Hacking since the start. I never ONCE thought that hacking could come this far. And with what I heard about sound fx…incredible. Phantom, Jose…seriously. Great work. Great program. I have been using it and have yet to find something I haven’t found before.

    Without me rambling on about all this cr*p, what I’m trying to say is: Good Job.

  35. I’ve got the .net 3.5 thing and PSA still won’t load pacs. But it loads Phoenix mario’s pac. Any tips???

  36. the pac files are probably corrputed

  37. I read somewhere else that Vista doesn’t work well with this. That’s what I have.

  38. Actually I have Vista and it works for me.

  39. what you do to get things to work? I’ve tried reloading everything and nothing is working.

  40. “Okay, to everyone: If you are getting the “Error Reading File” message, then one of two things are wrong.

    1. You are trying to open “Fit[Character][##]“. You CANNOT open these files in PSA, you must open “Fit[Character]” (no numbers at the end).

    2. You don’t have version 3.5 of the .NET Framework. No other version will work. Download it here:

    If you’ve done both and it’s still not working, I’m not sure what’s wrong.”

    Quote from Unknownlight

  41. Oh crap! I just figured out my problem. I was trying to load the files from my computer instead of the SD card. AH I’m stupid. Thanks for the help jkmg. I appreciate it.

  42. I have two questions. First is, where do you put other characters which you download then, where do you put the character you download. And an extra question, My Homebrew downloads always freeze so is thtere any way i can get that code reader thing for gecko?

  43. wuz thu vid made by pw A.K.A. Phantom Wings 😐 (C) (r) ™

  44. hey is there a tutorial on this program or is it s-e?

  45. Unfortunately Megaupload has gone down, can you tell were the link to the mediafire file please?

  46. @Eminemfan844

    Do you mean the edited Phoenix Mario V2? Or the character pack zip file? I will have to dig through my back-ups when I go home sometime next week. I never had requests to upload these files on mediafire, unfortunately. They should be somewhere on my hard drive if not on the Wii’s SD card. I’ll be sure to add it to the database if I can recover the files.

  47. aw man megaupload dnt work no more is there another way?

  48. wait idk if this works but i found this link

    let me kno if it’s not the right 1

  49. I think that’s thanyou’s Phoenix Mario upload. Its his edit, and I have never tried it. It might have some tweaks thanyou added himself. My version from this page has not yet been re-uploaded, but you can always give other edits a try. They should be more fun anyway since my version was originally a fix for Phantom Wing’s original Phoenix Mario, and I only made it so the Final Smash worked properly and just a few personal tweaks, nothing fancy.

  50. The link needs to be fixed. Can you put it on Dropbox or Mediafire please?

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