[System Menu 4.2] Danger to Unmodded Wii’s?


Homebrew once again prevails, although if you haven’t yet updated to 4.2, It still isn’t recommended. While Homebrew Channel can now be installed on 4.2, some apps like Preloader lose functionality, since the newest version of Homebrew Channel seems to have J0DI as a new title ID; 4.2 deletes the orginial HAXX Homebrew Channel ID on every Reboot, so a new title ID was for the best. You can find out more on the hackmii blog, including how to install Homebrew on the latest 4.2 update [the HackMii Installer v0.5]. However, there seems to be a new Hacks.ini for use with preloader on 4.2 consoles which disables [HAXX,DVDX,RZDx] checks, so updating Homebrew to a new ID is not really required, although the newest HBC has some cool new features like Device hot-plugging.

However, putting all homebrew aside, there has been some inside info that System Update 4.2 was poorly executed, and people seem to be getting random bricks on their Wii’s, even without having their Wii’s softmodded or hardmodded in any way.  Some victims of the 4.2 update brick have posted their issues and concerns on the Nintendo Official Troubleshoot forums, and many who have disclosed information on the reason why 4.2 bricks Wii’s at random have occurred get banned and their posts deleted. This of course all relates to “company image”, and people smart enough to pin-point Nintendo’s irresponsibility are obviously a threat to the “pro” that is Ninty. So what exactly makes 4.2 a creepy flaw? Read this here user post that was deleted from the Nintendo Troubleshoot forums, followed by a ban:

This outbreak is spreading throughout the net, and I feel that it is very important to get te word out as much as possible, seeming as Nintendo probably will only replace your console, leaving save files and VC/Wiiware titles at risk. Not to mention the lack of attention and dedication they put into their work. Like someone on the Hackmii site stated, 4.2 is basically a “Russian Roulette”…

“The information discussed above is based on details disclosed of by external sources. I only express my thoughts that this should be taken into consideration. I Have not confirmed or experienced a brick through 4.2., so I do not uphold that said info is true, but possible”
– Jose Gallardo

10 responses to “[System Menu 4.2] Danger to Unmodded Wii’s?”

  1. (Yes, I’m the one who got banned.)

    Yeah, this is ridiculous. Nintendo is bricking consoles, unpersoning anyone who tries to explain why consoles are bricking, charging for out-of-warranty consoles that they brick, and they don’t seem to realize that this only makes matters worse.

    Eliminating homebrew is an asshole move, but within their rights. Bricking consoles and charging for replacements? Not so much.

  2. i dont understand what do they get out of this itss out wii’s not theirs my gosh! well thats means no 4.2

  3. There never going to keep homebrew from happening they should just accept that, or they’re going to lose all their soon to be very few customers.

  4. Nintendo i love you to the bottom of my heart,i wish one day i can work with you but you guys are being [pricks]!
    [ditch] the homebrew and work on stuff you really need like a GOOD GAME!Get HD have better On-line play but [damn] the HBC,it’s gonna stay,there is nothing you guys can do about it!

    *everything in [bracketz] was edited by the one and only Admin. You have quite a rant there 😉
    Didn’t really need to edit, but I was bored 😛

  5. jose gallardo you have all the reason, because my friend updatred to 4.2and deleted some of his savegames

  6. forget it they realsed a new hack.

  7. This is quiet odd. I already have LU90 wii, but i’ve been completely able to use all hacks I have heard of, including the usb loader.
    I believe this update should now be known as the Blue Light of Doom.

  8. Strange, looks like nintendo is making the same mistake that sony made when they tried to update the PS3.

  9. Ban the user who is speaking their mind out and explaining the problem??? Nintendo did a bitch move…

  10. omg i got the blue light of doom!!!!!!!NOOOOOOOOOOO

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