Brawl Mario & Luigi Join the… NSMBWii?

Updated with Video Tutorial by Noxdalt

Tired of those cheap, saturated outfits that Mario and Luigi wear in NSMBWii? I was. Now you can ditch those kiddy-colored shirt & overalls for something more Manly. Not really, but yeah…

>>>Download Brawl Mario & Brawl Luigi Patch Here<<<

In an attempt to support the fair [legal] use of modified or altered game files, I won’t be releasing the edited ARCs themselves. Rather, I will upload SFP Patches for use with SZS Modifier [szs mod download here]. Don’t know how to apply the patch? Look at the video below (thank Noxdalt for making the vid tutorial!) or follow the written steps below (click images for bigger view):

Old written Tutorial

1. Open up WiiScrubber and load your NSMBWii game ISO. Scroll down to where you see the OBJECT tab and hit the + sign.

2. In the OBJECTS section, scroll down until you the the Mario arc file. Right-click the file and export to your Desktop, or wherever you can access it easily.

3. Open up the Mario.arc file in SZS Modifier. Click on Patches and then Import Netsafe Patch. When prompted, look for the SFP patch file you downloaded above and obviously open it. After doing so, a screen should come out that looks something like this:

4. Hit Ok to take you back to the MOD screen (the main screen). At this point, you can confirm the changes to the arc file if you want. Just browse the Textures folder to look for the edited images, but if you did the steps correctly, you needn’t worry. Now just click on File and Save (NOTE: this will overwrite the Mario.arc file with the patched version. Make a backup if you want before saving, or just use the Save As option to save it as a different file).

That’s it! Now you can replace the file in your game via Riivolution or through Wiiscrubber. Have fun!

.: Jose Gallardo :.

14 responses to “Brawl Mario & Luigi Join the… NSMBWii?”

  1. I was wondering when someone was going to do this, This is great.

  2. … >_< you should just upload the arc files.

  3. Plan on me making a tutorial on this REAL soon. Update your blog with it, if you want. And btw, digging the new banner.

  4. Where do you get NSMBWii.iso?

  5. He probably ripped it from his Wii disc.

  6. Thanks for the little guide.
    I never knew how to edit character textures.

  7. Is there any way to do this stuff with an SD card like Brawl?

  8. Anyone interested in all of the default power-up outfits being “Brawl Style”? I have them ready, except the Penguin and Propeller suits. I wonder if that matters…

  9. I think that would be a cool idea.

  10. I like that idea too Jose. You should do It.

  11. My WiiScrubber says “Missing key.bin”

  12. This isn’t a valid binary format. SZS won’t let me load the patch.

  13. Check out this post with updated power up suits:

    And there is no need for a patch, as its already in ARC format.

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