Dragon Quest Swords: \The ZWORDZ Project\


And I finally make a post that is not Brawl Texture-Related. ‘Bout time!

I have in fact neglected Brawl for a while, let alone Brawl textures. I felt like trying something new. And it all started while WiiScrubbing through my Dragon Quest Swords ISO. I have always been a fan of the Dragon Quest series, so I surprise even myself at how long it took me to get myself a copy of this game. It is cheaper now, so technically, that inclined me to get it. And I’m not disappointed. Heck, not 4 hours into the game and I’m already modifying its contents. Well, at least the music (aside from making codes for it). The game also uses Brstm audio files for Music and even sound effects/voice acting, so inserting custom audio should be a breeze (for me). Now onto the infamous ZWORDZ project –

This is just video #1 of what I am doing to the game. I am turning this Dragon Quest game into a Zelda-Themed Swords game just by replacing the Audio files from the ISO with music from the Zelda series (mostly Twilight Princess). The following is quoted from my video description:

*Sorry guys, but suggesting to share the edited ISO is a complete N0 N0. I would have loved to share my work with the everyone, but as of now, this is purely a personal project and is not branded for a public release, unless there is a way to properly distribute the needed files (patches?) without any legality issues.

This is just a little something for an update to show you guys what I’m doing in my spare break time. I’m also working on codes for this game (1 already posted on GSCentral), so if you leik (<- – spelled wrongy porpasely 😛 ), keep tuned for more videos.

EDIT. GIANT FREAKING EDIT: This project will now go public! Keep tuned!

4 responses to “Dragon Quest Swords: \The ZWORDZ Project\”

  1. Great work Jose. This is a good idea.

    I look forward seeing more videos from this project.

  2. Glad I could help with distributing the hack.

  3. Gose Jallardo Avatar

    hahahaaha! very cool!

  4. wwwilliam0024 Avatar

    it very awesome how you can hack any games..

    you must be a pro at this..

    but im not really a fan of swordz… :s looks horrible to me.

    but YOUVE completely pimped it into awesome.

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