Brawl Texture Quick-Guide Update #3

Phantom Wings has released yet another revolutionary update. The latest File Patcher 3.1 can replace even music!

I’ll be making a guide for replacing music files soon. For now, I just updated the Quick Guide for Custom textures with the newest File Patcher code version 3.1

Click here to see the updated Quick-Guide

Also, many have been asking for a Track List of all the songs in Brawl. I uploaded a txt file, so you can get a head start on replacing your music.

Get Brawl Track List From Megaupload

4 responses to “Brawl Texture Quick-Guide Update #3”

  1. Can you replace tracks with your own mp3 music files?

  2. yes but you need to convert the mp3s to brstrm format. go to stack smash and click on androu1s blog and download his brstrm making tool… hehehe “tool”. :3

  3. How do you make item’s have textures?

  4. So how do you name a stage to get it to work in brawl? I’ve looked everywhere and cant get it to work.

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