NSMBWii Custom Textures – Updated with Video

- New Super Mario Bros Wii Texture Hacking -

16 responses to “NSMBWii Custom Textures – Updated with Video”

  1. Agreed one hundred and ten percent! Good job ^_^

  2. Totaly agreed, time for another game to get hacked. I agree on NSBM Wii as well, I’m sure great things can come from it.

  3. agreed,i wanted to hack another game too but, i didnt find the way, when checking some games, i saw some brres files that brawlbox can open but, in the previewer it shows an error and nice banner Jose Gallargo

  4. how did u texture hack NSMBW btw?

  5. Thats jose for ya one step ahead of the game. xD

  6. OMG, I hope they make a debug menu for nsmb wii

  7. Now I need to see Shadow Shoes(without the whole suit)on a mii and i’m all good(in texture ways).

  8. Also I got the TVC game and it was great.

  9. Phase 1 (beta run) of NSMBWii texture hacking is complete. I have some nice textures for Phase 2, which is halfway done. Characters and game objects seem to be the only things that can be texture hacked for the moment (no stages). And maybe some TPL images. However, the only way to use my textures is by replacing files in the ISO with WiiScrubber.

  10. Jose Gallardo

    i found a video on youtube that shows that you can texture hack the place where you select the level you want to play,here is it

  11. sorry for double post, but, Jose Gallardo, can i put the video tutorial to how to texture hack NSMBWii?

  12. I’ve seen that video before, and yeah, its possible to change the map. And what video tutorial are you talking about? Are you going to make the video?

  13. @Jose Gallardo

    no, i didnĀ“t make the video,a guy on youtube did

  14. Are you talking about this video?

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