RedKario Joins the Brawl!

Custom Texture by: Jose Gallardo

I really like how this one turned out. A simple color swap, plus some tweaks on the Fur made Lucario even cooler than he already is. Took me about an hour to make, since I kept testing the texture to look exactly how I had in mind.

Red Lucario fans, enjoy!

LINK TO DOWNLOAD (megaupload): Watch the Power of RedKario’s Aura!

3 responses to “RedKario Joins the Brawl!”

  1. That’s cool. I like him better red anyway 🙂

    (i’m going to add you to the link in Power Nation)

    [from GSCentral and Power Nation]

  2. That looks sweet man. Lucario is the one, but red?

  3. Quote:”That looks sweet man. Lucario is the one, but red?”

    Ofcourse it’s red, it’s the most Lucario color wanted that wasen’t official. Nice job Jose!

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