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Galleom Under – SSE Stage


– All my Subspace Emissary stage swaps include working [spawning] items. –


Jose Gallardo

Item TXS Update – Download Now!

troph3You want items? You get items! Here is you chance to start playing Brawl with Custom item textures.  Not only that, but I’ve added a few more customized items to the list. I will be updating the Common3 PAC file often with new item textures, so be sure to check out the TXS Brawl thread regularly for updated Download links. Continue reading for more in-game pictures of the new items waiting for you.

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RedKario Joins the Brawl!

Custom Texture by: Jose Gallardo

I really like how this one turned out. A simple color swap, plus some tweaks on the Fur made Lucario even cooler than he already is. Took me about an hour to make, since I kept testing the texture to look exactly how I had in mind.

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