Item TXS Update – Download Now!

troph3You want items? You get items! Here is you chance to start playing Brawl with Custom item textures.  Not only that, but I’ve added a few more customized items to the list. I will be updating the Common3 PAC file often with new item textures, so be sure to check out the TXS Brawl thread regularly for updated Download links. Continue reading for more in-game pictures of the new items waiting for you.

Directory for the Common3.pac (items) is as follows


Make sure the file is named Common3.pac -On some Windows Vista PCs (mine, for example), do not require the .pac extension, as Windows settings already recognize the file type.

Go to the TXS Brawl Roster for Download Link

Hmm, what’s that? You noticed the strangely looking Battlefield in some of the pictures? Not to worry folks, as that is a sneak peak of my not-so-latest Stage texture (more on this weirdly-spoken last statement later) that is soon to arrive at an SD card near you. Kinda looks Enchanting, don’t you think?

2 responses to “Item TXS Update – Download Now!”

  1. Gose Jallardo Avatar

    hmmmmmmm how do i fuse stacksmash’s items with this one?!

  2. You would have to insert each individual item from Stack Smash into the (NB)Common3.PAC by means of hexing, or VILE’s non-hexing method that involves using the CMD.

    …and what’s with the “Gose Jallardo”? Its a bit creepy, lol :p

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