The ZWORDZ Project 1.0 – A DQ Swords Music Mod

DQ ZWORDZI finally decided it was time to finish this project. I got off my lazy butt 2 days before July 4, and finished mutilating a very great game. And by doing so, I think I’ve made this game even more epic, or at least given players a reason to retry this adventure. All you need is provided in the download below. Instructions on how to apply the patch can be found in the README txt file also included in the download. The folder is compressed, so you will need a program to unzip it to your computer.

All that has been done in this mod was changing all of the game’s music. No special SFX this time, but I may update the Patch later on, that is why I call this  Version 1.0.

I only have an account with MegaUpload. If someone wants to re-upload the file elsewhere, please do so, and send me the link so I can place it here. Credit for the Mirror Download will be given, of course.

This is NOT an ISO image file. It is a legally distributable modded patch.


One response to “The ZWORDZ Project 1.0 – A DQ Swords Music Mod”

  1. whenever i patched the two files and used wbfs manager to store the game on my hd, I load it up with both USB loader GX and WiiFlow 2.1, and once you past the intro screen (music is very suitable i must say), it totally gets stuck on the ‘check wii system memory.’ Any ideas??

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