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Double-Stage Update! Enchanted Destination & Dark-Themed Picto

Custom Stage TXS by: Jose Gallardo

The beautiful Enchanted Destination is here! And it brought a friend too!You’ve probably seen my video for the Enchanted Destination Stage TXS, but here are a couple of Snaps anyway.

Not much to read here, so get Brawling!

DOWNLOAD LINK (megaupload): >>Enchanted Destination<<

DOWNLOAD LINK (megaupload): >>Dark-Themed Picto<<

Brawl Stage Pacs – Get ’em Here!


I’ve seen a lot of people requesting stage .pac files on the interwebz, and I don’t blame them. Now that the new STASH 1.0 has been released, people want to make their own custom Stage textures. And the STASH – Stage Texture Editor is all the rage now. So, where’s mah stage pacs?!

Well, grieve no more, as I will provide the hard-to-find Stage .Pac files. The Character .pacs are already uploaded on various sites (this site included, with the Gecko OS Quick Guide for Custom TXS), so I will only provide the Stage Pacs in this post.

-Your Guide and Ruler,
Jose Gallardo


STASH – Easy Stage TXS Editing Now Possible!

Special Thanks To:
Pharrox: for writing the guide and TPLsplitter
GaryCXJk: for writing TPLx
Heinnerman: for writing SSBExtract
-And of course, elrefugio for STASH

There is now an easy way to edit Stage Textures. ElRefugio has released version 1.0 of STASH, an easy to use ASH texture editor for stages. I tried it out for the first time today and no bugs. Of course, since its still in 1.0, there may be some problems, so its up to you guys to try/test this new TXS editor for stages. Below is a video example of an Edited Final Destination Stage TXS that I made:

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