Enter Code G.R.E.E.N. – TXS

Super Smash Brothers Brawl (NA)_010What exactly is CODE GREEN? Well, it doesn’t mean anything actually. Except that I’ve made a few new custom textures, and to my surprise, they are all green. Someone suggested a green Mario final smash, so i did it, kinda. Then I was messing with item textures, and for some reason I decided to change the Hammer handle to Green. And yesterday that I woke up, I felt like doing another Final Destination stage TXS, which theme is the Matrix, and sure enough, its Green. I didn’t plan to do lotsa green stuff, but it happened. I also updated the TXS Brawl roster with the Phanto Smash Ball texture, which I placed as a separate link because there can only be one custom Smash Ball for each Common3.pac file. So there are 2 Item PACS up for grabs. One with Zunny, and one with Phanto. You can only HaZ one at a time, so keep a copy of both PAC files for whenever you want to kick Zunny’s or Phanto’s non-existent butts.

So, um, keep reading for previews of the new textures. Duh.

Matrix Terminal (Final Destination TXS) – Download from Mediafire (fixed download)

The Luigi Effect (Mario Final Smash) – Download from Mediafire

Green Handle Hammer Check the TXS Brawl Roster for the #2 Phanto Item PAC

Whew! It was about time I updated that roster. Now I can relax and start planning for my Birthday, which is the 30th of this month of July…

Nah. I’ll just start making more Brstms. As for the live broadcasts, I’ll be posting on the chat-box (top right of the page) whenever I’m streaming.

18 responses to “Enter Code G.R.E.E.N. – TXS”

  1. Wow thanks, now i’m stuck between THIS AND esh’s new FD texture.


  2. where in the pf folder do we stick the final smash textures? o_o?

  3. the final destination texture is set to private.

  4. why does it have to be set to private?

  5. u put the mario final smash texture in fighter/mario make sure the file is named Fitmariofinal.pac

  6. thanx tehstreak…the download is set 2 private?…i got to it just fine….

  7. I’ll re-upload to Megaupload. Mediafire doesn’t seem to like me very much. Also, screen don’t do much justice for the stage. I’ll get a vid up soon.

  8. np anytime

  9. Re-upped with same host. Mediafire has lots of bug issues that come with editing a file’s info.

  10. Awesome!! Thanks!

  11. lulz green make everything better.

    Jose, I can’t believe your birthday is the 30th, mine is the 29th! xD

  12. @Bonzai,

    Happy Birthday to us then XD

    I just gave myself an awesome gift. I bought an aluminum/black DSi hard case imported from Hong Kong. I just need to go pick it up at the Post Office, since I wasn’t home yesterday to receive it.

  13. what folder do i put the pac. file for stages that i download here? for instance the matrix pac. file above?

  14. Hey, Jose, Veery nice FD.

    Also, just kinda curious why you haven’t jumped on the revealing of Plan Zero. http://meowmix.freei.me/?p=2388

  15. stage pacs go here pf/stage/melee/putt it here and 4 final destination make sure its named stgfinal.pac

  16. Lol this was posted on ma birthday =D

  17. @Gazoinks

    This post was originally made to add to the hype of Plan Zero. I already knew what it was, but what fun was it if there were no mystery? Besides, people already posted about Project SA on different places. But you are right. I should have made a post about Project SA. I’ll probably just link it to Phantom’s original post, and to SSBVet’s video.

    Also, I understand its a new feature and all, but I don’t see the greatness of Project SA. Its a nice little WTF random sort of hack, as it messes with the original char. attributes, but its no different than Super or Extreme characters, just more specific and semi-permanent. Alas, its not revolutionary as I thought it would be…

  18. I love this texture! The Matrix Terminal rules.

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